Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals
Expert help with medical claims issues

Who We Are

The Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals (ACAP) is a nationwide association of Claims Assistance Professionals (CAP). It is a member organization serving the public through its membership of independent business owners.

The membership consists of seasoned professionals with excellent references. The members have different backgrounds, but all are dedicated to helping the public navigate the financial aspects of healthcare. Our members are nurses, attorneys, certified medical coders, certified insurance consultants, daily money managers, certified senior advisors, and/or insurance agents.

Members provide claims assistance services nationwide and globally. Member practices are separate, for-profit, independent entities that are solely responsible for the quality of their work. Each business determines its own service, contract, and cost of service. Please contact the Claims Assistance Professional nearest to your location for help with health insurance claims.

Claims Assistance Professionals' Services

Charity and Financial Assistance

Although ACAP is a not-for-profit organization, we do not function as a charity organization. We do not receive donations; therefore, we are unable to provide financial assistance.

Pro-Bono Work

In some cases, our members do pro-bono work, similarly to legal assistance. Each member decides within his/her own business practice the viability for providing services free of charge.