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ACAP Position on Health Insurance Reform, October 2009

21 Steps to Better Health Insurance -- A Proposal for Health Insurance Reform

The Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals (ACAP) is a national organization of professionals who assist patients and families with problematic medical billing issues. We advocate on behalf of patients with their insurance companies and healthcare providers. This makes the Alliance uniquely positioned to understand the flaws in the current health insurance system.

Our members see patients and their families struggle with confusing paperwork, exorbitant bills, denials, misapplication of benefits, network and coverage confusion, and poor customer service. Providers are dropping out of Medicare and insurance company networks at an alarming rate, leaving patients struggling to find new doctors. Low-income patients with Medicaid find it difficult to locate participating providers. Patients with pre-existing conditions are unable to obtain coverage or have unaffordable premiums.

Our perspective enables us to identify systemic improvements that would benefit all major groups affected by health insurance legislation, patients, doctors and health insurance companies. The Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals believes that meaningful health insurance reform must have the following goals:

To accomplish the above goals, the Alliance recommends the following changes to the current health insurance system.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Regulation

Administrative Efficiencies

Medicare Reform

Provider Reforms