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The Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals (ACAP) is a nationally recognized association of independent Claims Assistance Professionals (CAP). Our members provide medical claims assistance and patient advocacy to individuals and businesses across the country. We are each independently owned for-profit businesses whose services are fee-based. All members undergo a rigorous application and vetting process and provide multiple professional references in order to be invited to join the organization. Our membership provides a broad array of assistance that ranges from local and regional focus to national and even global representation.

Each business independently determines its own scope and cost of services.

Claims Assistance Professionals Services

  • Challenge denials of claims by insurance companies
  • Organize health insurance paperwork
  • Audit hospital and provider charges
  • Negotiate with providers on patient balances
  • Review medical bills and determine proper payment
  • Review balance billing practices
  • Negotiate providers fees for uninsured patients or procedures
  • File various types of insurance claims (medical, long term care, dental, vision, FSA, HSA, HRA)
  • Track claims to ensure they are accurately processed
  • Contact providers and insurance companies to resolve claim problems
  • Provide assistance for Medicare enrollment
  • Assist in selecting Medicare Part D drug plans and Medicare supplement plans
  • Assist with health insurance options during employer open enrollment
  • Provide education on medical benefits and options