Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals
Expert help with medical claims issues

A Voice That Speaks for You in the Health Care System

The American health insurance system is complex and layered with rules. Whether you're a patient or care for one, managing medical claims can be challenging and time-consuming. A wrong decision can prove costly to your health and finances.

Before you deal with the complications of our health insurance system, get a Claims Assistance Professional on your side.

Claims Assistance Professionals (CAPs) advocate for you with your insurance company and providers. With years of experience in medical claims, a CAP is your champion, stepping in as needed to resolve problems and facilitate claims payment.

CAPs help ensure you receive all the health insurance benefits to which you are entitled. They make sure your bills are accurate, inform you about your options, and decipher and manage the endless paperwork.

If you are uninsured, your CAP will help you negotiate costs of care from providers and keep you from incurring any unforeseen charges.

Discover the benefits of having a CAP resolve your medical claims issues.

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